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The Century Barn is family owned and operated by Ed and Charlotte Shoup.  In 2015, the barn turned 100 years old, coining it the Century Barn.  Built in 1915, it was originally used as a milking parlor for dairy cows and a haymow for hay storage and straw.  In 2015, the barn was cleaned and renovated for a wedding for family.  It has since been open as a venue to hold events for weddings, parties, and reunions.  Located on the west side of Orrville, Ohio on a quiet country road, the barn is the perfect setting for your next event.  Call or email us to schedule a visit!


Follow our progress!


Barn clean out, replace flooring, add new lighting


Glass chandelier, indoor bathrooms added, old shed taken down


Outdoor paint on barn, gazebo and fire pit added


Cottage completely remodeled 

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